Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Billy's Corner...

That's right! What about it? You darn right I get my own corner now! My public needs to hear my story, its ups and downs, drama man, drama. They love the drama. For the ladies...yes I'm single.. heeeeyyyy!
Anyways, this is me gearing up for Halloween , I call it Franken-hua-hua!!!
(pronounced frankenwawa)

Hey!! I know you don't know, being the new kid on the block and all, so this time I'll let you slide, but thats my seat. Ok? Ok! Just want to get that straight.

Yeah up there is better for you, I'll hold it down right here...cool. No biggy, its like both our spots. When I'm not here you can hang out and keep it warm for me... cool.

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