Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Family Portrait

Our First family picture! A dream come true!

We decided, um..actually, I decided to make an early appointment with the picture people because Miss Sofia is her most happy self in the morning, so after we took care of her tummy first, we dressed her up and drove up in time to our 9am appt.

As you see, I didn't wear my best, the appoitment was just for Sofia, but at the last minute we decided that this was the best time to take a family picture, so here you have it. I feel so bless that after the dark clouds and rain of last year, this is the product of forgivess and love.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers last year. As everyone knows, John and I almost lost each other but the hand of God didn't let go and we both learned how to love each other again and learn to forgive each other and choose love over misery.

Thank you for everyone's support, prayers and love.

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