Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sofia's Corner


Whatsuppeeps?It'smeMissAwesomenessherself!Iwanttoblessthispagewithmythoughts.Um...ok! yay there it is!! The "space bar". This is totally cool!! You like hit the bar and nothing happens but space. Check it out soooo cool!! Alrighty then! Soorry random thought patterns. Ok check it! so this is my typical day! I get up with a couple "aaaa's"! I'm totally a morning poor parents they don't know what hit them AJA!! Mom is totally not a morning person but shes a trooper, she hangs with it! Dad, i know he secretly wishes i will fall right back a sleep, are you kidding, we are talking about a whole new world to experience who has time for sleep. They still try to catch a couple winks when i ain't looking, suckkers, i got motor skillz now, and a couple handslaps and nail scratches puts an end to that mess!

Currently, i'm not a tummy girl, I just like to sit, my parents try to play mind games with me by placing objects beyond my reach...I'm on to them though, and i will continue to resist. I will keep you posted. I do enjoy the walker though, i'm mobile and i'm fierce behind the wheel. Watch your toes daddy i laugh at your pain.

My pallette is expanding now too!! I'm digging the cookie thing, great texture, and it's awesome when it dries all crumbly. My fav though... ohhh...its gotta be potatoes! Heaven!! Peaches are great too; although they dig trigger some unforseen reactions! Everytime i took a bite my face dig this whole scrunchy thing, i was so not in control of it! Daddy loved the reaction though, thats ok he gets the diaper duty after my body has has squeezed all the nutrients out of those you daddy!!

Well thats it for now!



Eat,sleep, and you know.... woo hoo I'm a Machine!!

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Wendy said...

ah....Was sofia blogs translate by her daddy???....yeah...I can tell...
Keep it up baby...I'm sure your parents are having fun with you and I'm having fun watching them...gigigigigi...Love you my baby girl....your Tia...wendy