Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Our little Sofia is sick. A cold. sneezing, drainage, temperature and up all night!

Being a parent is fun, and after being up all night with her this is the challenging part of being a parent is all about. My patience has been tested and I would like to say that I'm passing, however, at 3am and not being able to put my head on my pillow my patience is knocking pretty loud, but seeing her suffer just makes me want to wish, I could take all that sickness from her and swallow it.

And to top it off being at work away from her and not being able to comfort her is alot harder than staying up all night. I'm working on fixing that can't say what it is but will come soon to this blog.

At any rate, I did find out one thing last night, men are not as strong on staying up all night with a crying baby as women. John had the courage of helping me out...for two hours last night while I tried to go to sleep for a bit. God bless him.

Like my mom told me this morning, these long nights is what makes a good mother stronger. Yippe!! zzzzzzzzz

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