Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daddy Is Officially Baptized

Well I have avoided the pee storm for 8 months. Today the dark clouds rolled in and that all changed along with my clothes.
I've done this dozens of times and I have never been peed on. I'm in my work clothes and I get her bath ready in the kitchen sink, I undress her for her nightly bath in the nursery and make my way to the kitchen with a naked Sofia in tow, and all of a sudden I start feeling water splash all on my stomach, down my leg and on my feet, and I 'm thinking what the hell is this and where is this water coming from?
So I pull her out at arms length and out of her comes the last bit of this unusually large fountain of pee from my little girl. Dang!!! Sofia! LOL! Well... I have been officially baptized. The joys of parenthood...

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qixxsilver said...

Congratz!!! Ahhh the finer things in life!

Love, hollis