Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Marriage Weekend

Everyone knows what John and I went through last year. Our separation, our pain, the divorce that almost happened. Then we found a marriage retreat that saved our marriage.

This weekend Friday the 17th, 41 hurting married couples are going to gather at the Radisson Hotel in Irving for the weekend of their lives. I want anyone reading this to pray for these couples, please pray that they may find the love they seek in their marriage, but most importantly, that they find God in the midst of bitterness and hurt and allow HIM to help them build a new foundation.

Currently, John and I are the Registration couple for this and next year. If you know a couple that is hurting in their marriage and is thinking about ending their marriage, please let them know about Retrouvaille. Or better yet, we can talk to them about the possibilites of saving their marriage by attending one weekend.
We have been on the side of bitterness, sadness, betrayel and mistrust. It is hard work to make a marriage work, but the result of all the hard work you put in your marriage is blessed by what how much work you put in it every single day.
Love, Sandra Seaman

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