Friday, October 24, 2008

Turkey Trot Training Update

Week 3: For those who are still reading, our blog or even this Turkey Training update, is now week three of seven weeks of training. Here's the rundown.
Well, it has gotten easier since week 1, I am no longer hurting from running unless I do squats, which I hate, but they are good for your knees and other parts of the body, which I will not mention in this family friendly blog, but overall I feel good about this Trot. We went from running 35 minutes to 50 minutes. I thought it was impossible, but I am managing quiet well, mind you. This Sunday we are running for an hour. Well, if I ran 50 this past week, I can do an hour; but my hubby announced to me that running is not his hobby, he only does it to loose weight, unlike me is my hobby, so he's decided he doesn't want to run with me anymore. (i think he said that playing World of Warcraft is his true hobby, I say whatever!)
He ran the 40 minutes on that first week quiet well, but says that he's not into self inducing pain so, he's just staying home with the baby. Now, I like to share my passion with someone, so I took my dog Lenny instead. He can hang! Although he was falling a little behind there by the 40 minute mark, he made it just fine, he's a trooper. Lenny needs to loose weight anyways (so does John) but my dog Lenny can't nag to me and besides I am his owner so what I say goes. I wish Billy my Chihuahua dog could hang, but he's so tiny, he's only like 4.9lbs.
So, we are training on hills and let me tell you, they are a pain!!! ugh, the worst when it comes to running, but I must conquer them! We ran the hills yesterday in this cutsie Richardson neighborhood last night and the hills had me gasping for air but I made it. So, anyways, I will update you in a couple of weeks so far we are running 4 miles already and only 4 more to go! yippee! Love, S.S.


D.Richmond said...


I find it so gracious of you to actually request my permission to follow my blog. That speaks volumes about what kind of person you are.

I'm so glad you shared your family blog with me. You have a beautiful family.

I would be honored if you would follow my blog. In fact, you are an answer to a prayer. I have prayed that God would bring readers to this blog and that He might be glorified through it.

Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and your graciousness!

Dawn Richmond


D.Richmond said...


With your permission, I'd like to follow your journey as well.

I only had a few minutes to read your most recent entry (I intend to read more later) but I am so excited to hear how your Turkey Run turns out! I'm proud of anyone who sets a goal and accomplishes it despite many obstacles! You go girl!

I'll pray for you to do well but I'm sure the journey is where the real accomplishment is. Good Luck!

Dawn Richmond

John, Sandra and Sofia Seaman said...

For you married fellas I know you can sympathize. Typical woman and her selective hearing! Let me come to my defense and say, that what I told her was that I didn't plan on running a 5k every weekend from now until January, which is what she wanted to do! I did not say I would not run with her ever again!
But she is correct in saying that what my hobbies are adn not liking self inflicting pain! GO WARCRAFT!!