Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Whoo-Ha Corner

OK! I was just reflecting today on my wonderfully different nieces and nephews. You've got my sister Vanessa who's kids are all different, and full of love and laughter. I love the nights when we got together and played monopoly or some type of board games. We have so much fun with them, especially playing Clue. You have Javier, who is pretty slick, but not slick enough to trick uncle John, Chaz who you don't expect anything from because she has a good poker face and she ends up going for the jugular at the right time, and then you have Aaron who gets mad cause he wants to hang with the big boys, but then accidentally shows his cards off...of course I have no choice but to see what he has!!!

You got Guy's Kids who act just like he does, goofy and spunky! I remember once when his oldest was about 6. We were playing charades and she wanted to partake. She had no clue what or who 3/4's of the subjects were, but she finally clinged to this one thing that she could identify with, and it was a ballerina. She played it beautifully and everyone knew what she was! She could even do a courtesie and a pirouette, so adorable! She was the x factor. Her next subject was Jurassic park. We coached her that it was dinosaur movie, so we told her to do her best T-Rex and people would get it. So she gets out there stands confidently and looks for us to give her the signal to go, and she busts out with the ballerina dance again!! My sides hurt from laughing so hard.

Then you have Wendy's kids! These are all so different from each other, you have the brainiack wheeler and dealer Andrew, you have the small and spunky firecracker Anthony, who is twice as small as his two older brothers but with 2 times the fierceness. But then there's Sammy, he takes the cake, I mean he literally takes the cake! He is a kid after my own heart. He shares my passion for food. He loves to eat, between him and I we can kill a bowl of chips and dip in a whole sitting. He has got to be the only nephew that when he comes over to spend the night will bring a bag of chips with him, along with a change of cloths and toothpaste! A couple weeks ago I was sitting in line at a supermarket staring at a birthday card and a 25.00 gift certificate to Olive Garden. Moments ago I was in hunter mode and it didn't dawn on me, but as I sat there and looked at the cool olive garden card, I was thinking to myself I can't believe I'm buying him a food gift card for his birthday. I even went as far as visulizing what sammy was probaly going to eat with this card. I bet Sammy is going to buy Fettuccine Alfredo. He loves Fettuccine Alfredo, I mean we used to go to Cici's and he would skip the pizza and like a bug to a light bulb, he would go straight for the Fettuccine. I chuckled to myself, most kids want a video game or some kind of cool gadget, but not Sambo. When asked what he wanted for his birthday, with a smile on his face he goes "food"! LOL!

I love my Nieces and Nephews their colorful personalities gets me right in the funny bone. One minute your changing their diapers and the next minute you are trying to figure out how they got slick enough to beat you at clue, laugh at them for drumming to their own beat, or buying them Food Gift Cards for their Birthday!

Love Uncle John

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