Wednesday, November 19, 2008

20 Pounds

Sofia had her Dr's appointment yesterday. She’s weighing in at 20 pounds at 9 months of age. Only gained 2 lbs from 3 months ago. Now, isn’t that nice? I wish I could only gained 2 lbs in 3 months.

But anyways, Sofia’s attitude changed the minute she saw Dr. Poter come in. She became serious and aware of him and it was so funny to watch, I think she’s getting familiar with him. Her progress is pretty good. Dr. Poter is very happy that she’s crawling and standing up on her own, he’s giving her 6 to 8 weeks to walk, he states she’ll definitely walk before her first birthday.

She’s also now moving on to more solids. That means more poop on her diaper. We did noticed last night that her diaper genie gets full a lot sooner than before, John states that is because her poop is getting bigger, I say it definitely smelling different too.

Now, Sofia got one shot on her leg and a poke on her middle finger to test her levels of iron. But the Evil Nurse Shot Witch was all business again. Sofia doesn’t like her; she’s not much of a talker and sometimes wears earplugs, she states some kids scream too loud, I think she just doesn’t want to talk to the parents, but whatever!

The Good Nurse Poke Witch was nicer. She was talking to Sofia, prepping her for the poke and very soothing. Sofia did cry but not as much as she did with the Shot Witch.

Sofia is growing at a good rate at the same time we are growing older at the same rate…my patience is growing too…funny how that happens.
Sandra S.

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