Sunday, November 23, 2008

Date Night YAY!!

Well Friday was are first "Date" night since Sofia was born. I got some tickets to go see the Mavs from my company and it was more than a welcome reprieve. Not that I don't enjoy every moment with our litttle baby, but this is the kind of thing that re-energizes your batteries.
The Mavs aren't as hot as they used to be, but they still got some star power, and there is always hope that they will do better than expected. So far they have won four in a row... so there is a cloud of optimism. They did break my heart a couple of times, but I still love em. Check the video at the end pretty cools!!

The fabulous home of the Mavs and the Stars.

Me and my main squeeze... hmm after looking at this pick I need to get back excersizing... maybe the upcoming Turkey trot is a good place to start again!!! Groan.....

Mavs shoot around

Wendy and Andrew

Dirk and Jason Kidd.. hey at least we got a Gold Medal Olympian!!!

My Baby and her Sis

Jason the Jet Terry

Cool Mavs Intro

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