Saturday, November 1, 2008

Speech Class

Have you ever wonder how many people make a difference in your life? I can count very few.
They are for the most part strong in character, honest, sincere and most of all geniune. A person who is genuine towards me is whom I have always found to be a good friend. Today, John, Sofia and I were shopping at our local Sam's when I made a quick left and then there he Speech College Professor, Mr. Larry Polk.
I stared at him not knowing what to do, but then, I noticed that he did recognize me and then it hit me! Mr. Polk! The man who was able to teach me that public speaking did not kill.
I walked towards him and he gave me this big bear hug! I haven't seen him in 9 years and he recognized me!! I was amazed! How many teachers can recognize you after 9 years!?
I think he might of recognized me for my very interesting speeches that I gave in his say that on my last speech, I mentioned the name Louis Farrakhan, but before me saying this person's name, he was really enjoying my speech, even laughing! I liked to make him laugh on my speeches, but after I said this Louis name, his face went stone cold. Mind you, I did not know who this Louis guy was until later, much later. It was John's idea to include this guys name in my speech so I blamed John for my "B" grade on my very last speech of the class.
But going back to Mr. Polk, what sweet man he is. wow, I sure miss his class and the energy he gives everyone in his class. He is very eloquant but firm professor. He makes you believe that you can do it, that public speaking is not that bad and I agree with him!
Anyways, I just wanted to share this personal story with whoever is crazy enough to still read our blog, but Mr. Polk is truly an amazing person and professor. My hats off to him.
Sandra Seaman

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