Monday, December 15, 2008

The Cowboys

We played the Giants last night and we won. But like the previous week, I did not let my emotions get involved in this game, I took precaution, I just watched and wrapped presents. Yes, I am excited that we won but we still have two more games left in the season that matter. This Saturday we play the Ravens (9-5) and our last game against our division foe, the Eagles (7-5).

But back to the Giants game, it was not as exciting as when we played the Steelers. We have a lot of offensive problems, at one time Romo was getting sacked left and right and for a moment it looked like we were getting Johnson as quarterback again.

So, a win is a win no matter how it was played. So, I’m going to check out my emotions on the upcoming last games so that I can enjoy my Christmas and New Year celebrations. Besides, we are pretty much out on the first round of playoffs, so getting excited about any chances of us getting into the Superbowl are pretty slim. I will miss T.O’s big mouth, though…

See ya! S.S.

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