Monday, December 22, 2008

Cowgirls all over again...

Ok. What more can I say about this past Saturday's loss against the Ravens. ugh...I hate getting on and off the bandwagon like that but when your team sucks every other game and they play with no heart, they leave me with no choice but to. I think my emotions were saved due to The Cash's Christmas party we attended that same night. I think it was Holli's meatballs that saved the night...or the cheesecake? I don't know but after an up and down game and only two points behind we just couldn't crack another W.

Now, with Tampa Bay loss it seems we still have a door open for the last remainder wildcard spot that is IF we win. I'm not holding my breath on our last game against the Eagles, but maybe Romo will wake up and decide that he'll start earning his millions and make a comeback on our last game. Or just decide to be a celebrity boyfriend and call it a season.

I won't wear my Cowboys t-shirt on this last the party, I was so frustrated, I took it off (yes, I had another shirt) and dropped it on the floor, twice! I had to put it on 'cause I got cold. But maybe it was the shirt that jinx the game...or maybe Romo jinx our team from day one. Feliz Navidad! -Sandra

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