Monday, December 22, 2008

Hazlet, Texas Visit

Yesterday, Sunday the 22nd, we went to visit John's relatives in Hazlet, TX just outside of Ft. Worth. I believe it took us about an hour and 15 minutes to get there. On our way there, we experienced the feeling of actually going out of town. First, we stopped at Sheila's and Kevin's house and their beautiful daughters Bailey and Shelby.

Then we stopped at Uncle James and Auntie Silvia's house. They live in this beautiful Ranch style house with lots of land. It reminded me of Murphy but this place was much better.

We enjoyed our visit and hope to visit more often. John really likes the country and I just like to get out of the house. On our way back home, once we excited 75 and got on Parker, I felt crowded. I can see why people move to the country, you don't feel so suffocated and tight. I was able to see the stars in Hazlet, in Plano all you see is planes. Thanks for having us over, we really enjoyed it oh, and thanks to Uncle James for the Tequila bottle, it will keep us warm at night!

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