Monday, December 8, 2008


The beauties of being a homeowner are many. We feel blessed that we are able to keep our house in the middle of an economic downturn. But being a homeowner comes with great responsibility. (I took this line from Spider man “with great power comes great responsibility,” I love it) Renting is easy. Something breaks you call the apartment Manager and they come fix it at no cost to you. Something breaks in your house; it comes out of your pocket. Once you fix something, another thing is about to let you know that it is about to break.

Remodeling is fun, we love doing it, it is something you want to do to the house so you don't mind, but the story is diffeent when something needs to be repair for example: When the A/C breaks in the middle of a Texas summer is not fun. Right now is our darn living room Television set that does not want to turn on. The problem will cost us about $400 bucks to fix, so now I’m missing my NFL/NBA games along with Top Chef and all the Christmas specials. It is still cheaper than buying one of those LCD sets we have been wanting…we also have to replace our roof next year; buy a new set of washer/dryer, they still work, but the dryer takes twice the time to dry clothes, therefore it takes me all day to dry our clothes that could be done in half a day. The second bathroom toilet needs to be replaced; the garage door wheels thingy needs to be greased, Sofia room’s carpet had to be replaced twice due to some flooding in the A/C...that was not fun.

I really love my house but after 5 years we are still waiting for that moment where nothing needs to be replaced. I don’t think that’ll ever happened but I’m still grateful that we have a home with a fixed rate! At least we were smart about that. - S. S.


qixxsilver said...

All that...and I am still dying to be a home owner! Am I crazy???!?! Nope...

awbitts said...

We had the same problem with our dryer once and it turned out to be a clogged exhaust vent. Another time it turned out to be the timer switch and was way less expensive to replace than the entire unit.