Monday, December 15, 2008

Lani's Warriors! We ran the ROCK!

Yesterday, Sunday the 14th, my Relay team, called Lani's Warrious ran the Relay at the Rock. I ran the 1st leg of the relay which was 6miles. Bernice ran the second leg 4miles, Ann did the third leg 5 miles, Kathy the 4th, 5 miles and to bring it home Chauncey ran the last leg 6.2 miles and out of all the relay teams we were in 655th place out of 757 relay teams that competed.
It was unseasonably hot for a December day. At 8am it was 66 degrees, and it got to 76. Too hot to run but we made it! Oh and on my way home I got pulled over by a cop. He stopped me for going 80 on a 60 (I was on the Dallas Tollway) but he only gave me a warning. Now, isn't that nice!!!! I was lucky it was a male cop, I was able to give him my "please forgive me, I didn't do it on purpose" face look and all was forgiven. Now, a female cop would have fined me big time.

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