Monday, January 19, 2009

Sam's Sundae

This weekend John and I went to Sam's to buy Sofia's last two cans of Formula (I pray that they are!) and other stuff we needed. At the same time sampling all the food from all these vendors. So we got to our lane and right in front of me was my favorite two things from Sam's. Their pizza and the 4 Berrie Sundae that I haven't eaten since the day I got pregnant. I couldn't drink milk during my pregnancy because it just came back out and after I delivered, well, I was losing weight. So, I asked John if he wanted one or two slices of pizza, and with a smile on my face, I ordered my sundae. Yummi. No, I didn't feel guilty. I don't eat this everytime I got to Sam's or else it wouldn't be as special. If you have never tried this Sundae, you are in for a treat! Forget Braums! This is the real deal! - Sandra.

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