Friday, January 23, 2009

Speed Class

No, i'm not doing so great. But i'm losing weight and that's what counts! My two buddies and I decided to leave the Speed class and go down to 201 class because it is easier, we had already talked to the 201 coach and were signing up with her group when Michele, our speed class coach, said, "Not on my watch!" so, she dragged us back and told us to give it one more try. We are still struggling but I'm seeing the results. There are several people who have lost so much weight.

There is this guy in particular that lost a 100lbs!!!! I just need to lose 7lbs so, even though i'm not excited about this class, i'm sticking with it. My current pace is at 8:13, yes I have improved and she's really pushing us. I'm running a 5K this coming Sunday in McKinney with my running buddy Ann, the run is call "The Resolution Run." I hope this runs gives me the resolution to stick with this class. Three more weeks to go!


Jo said...

Go, go, go. Too bad you can't chose where the 7 lbs come off. For me, I'd love my butt to be 7 lbs smaller.

John, Sandra and Sofia Seaman said...

LOL!!! No kidding!