Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Finale of Speed Class

One more class and my speed class is over!! Even though I have shed all my Christmas/New Years/Vacation pounds off of me, this class was truly a challenge. I never looked forward to it, even though my pace has improved and I feel comfortable running faster I'm not sure whether I'll sign up to the next speed class. But the good news is that John has decided on running again! I miss running with him and it will give him the motivation to loose all that weight.

My next race will be until Feb. 28th. I would have loved to run this Saturday in Mckinney, they are having a Valentines run but I have to go and sign up Sofia at the "Little Saint's Catholic School" They start signing up from 9-11am but I hear there are people already in line before the doors open so I have to skip my run. They take 18 month olds so, God willing, there will be room for Sofia to go to this great program, afterwards I have to finish all the preparations for Sofia's birthday party. Who knew there is so much to get ready for! I asked my mom what she did for my first b/day party and she said nothing because my dad was the only one working and they couldn't afford parties, so she only bought me this cute dress, I have a picture of it.
So, overall I'm glad I stuck to my speed training even though I hated it. - sandra.

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