Thursday, February 19, 2009


This past Saturday Sofia turned off our television set. Is not a good thing, it was a bad thing. You see, the tv repair man came to check it out last December to see what was wrong with our TV set only to show us if you take off the back and blow dry with hot air one of the TV components we could get it back on, the only thing is that we couldn't turn it off. It was a much better option than buying a new one, so when we weren't watching TV we would change the channel to a blank one. The TV was on for about two months and even though we weren't happy with it, we were at least saving money.

This past Saturday, while I was away running errands for Sofia's b/day, Sofia managed to get hold of the TV remote control and turned it off. John jumped to turn it on again to no avail. He tried to blow dry the heck out of it. Nothing.

So, this past Monday we decided that we needed to buy a new TV for our living room (Top Chef is about to end!) So, We shopped at the almost out of business Circuit City, nothing. Best Buy, pricey....then, we went to pick up John's prescription at Sam's and wham! What did we see! TV's! The last place we would ever dream of purchasing a TV. So now, we are just happy that we get to turn off our TV set. Now is just waiting for some good Football/Basketball/Soccer/Olympic games!

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D.Richmond said...

That's too funny!

We bought our last TV on-line and saved like $300 compared to in the stores so that's another option in case you are ever in the situation again.