Friday, March 27, 2009

1 + 3 = 4!

Yes, we are now 4 in the Seaman household. Our new arrival has an approximate date of November 3rd and I just can't wait for two reasons: 1. I want my body and energy back and stop puking and 2. can't wait to see my new baby.

For the record, I don't have faboulous pregnancies, I have morning sickness pregnancies. Yes, I tried everything in the book and everything everyone told me and nothing. However, it seems this pregnancy the level of puking is down to 50% from 100% with Sofia. I can still fit my jeans but this morning the button on my jean was pretty snug and it started to hurt so here we go.

Another thing, this week I had a sharp pain down close to the baby area and went to see my Doctor yesterday to check out what that pain is and he thinks it might be my appendix, however, the blood test came back negative, so god willing, it is nothing. Here's the first baby picture at 7 weeks. We'll keep you up to date. God Bless. - sandra.

p.s. I tried that fertility chart Jo put on her blog last month, I think, and it worked! so, thanks!


Brook B. said...


John, Sandra and Sofia Seaman said...

thank you! :)

D.Richmond said...

I am so excited for you!

I know the physical demands of pregnancy and the early weeks after they are born are very difficult, but the end result is so beautiful we quickly forget.

I wish you and your family so many blessings! I can't wait to go on this journey with you through your blog.

Jo said...
I never had too bad of morning sickness but what I did have Red Raspberry leaf tea took away and then I went on to have an very different pregnancy and labor because of it too. For the next pregnancy, I will be buying of batch of this mixture because of the peppermint and alfafa.

John, Sandra and Sofia Seaman said...

hmmm..ok. I can't just not try one more thing. So, I'll do it and let you know how it goes. thanks! :)

Mike said...


After seeing my wife go through this several times all I can say is good for you that the worst of it is in the fall and not summer.