Sunday, March 1, 2009

Birthday Party

We went to Ryan's 3rd birthday party at the Frisco Wiggles playcenter yesterday, and we soon found out that the place is not a good fit for Sofia's age, thankfully, we found this small room for infants up to 18month old children fit for Sofia.
Sofia at one of the bouncing houses. She stayed in that position for about 5 minutes, we are thinking she will move or get up any minute now, well, then kids started running up and down and that's when she didn't like all that bouncing and with a loud cry she said get me out of here.
then this, again nothing.
After that we tried this. She was not amuzed. This place is not very big so you really feel cramped.

Then she decided to play with the ball, then eat the ball and that's when we decided the ball that is touched by all these kids was not a good thing.

Below, is where we should have being all along but didn't see it until the end. Here is Sofia with Reagan, John Noel's daughter. She's a cutey!

Sofia didn't not sit at the table because she can't eat pizza yet...she only has one tooth out so she only got to watch.

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