Sunday, March 8, 2009


We finally got to watch the movie, Fireproof and all I have to say is that it sure does bring back the hurt, humiliation and pain from our downfall in our marriage; our scars are still very tender but they continue to heal each and every day no matter how many arguments we have this time we are resolute in our marriage.
There were four points in the movie that strike a chord with me but definitely the last one broke me down completely.

1. When one of the leading actors was telling Caleb, the husband with the marriage problems that "there are no marriages in this world that are fireproof unless God is the foundation." Now, who doesn't think their marriages is perfect? If you answered yes, you are not alone; John and I surely thought that way, but God placed us together for his glory and He sure is achieving that.

2. When Caleb was trying his best to win his wife back and the wife just kept ignoring his gestures. This one brought back memories when I was doing the same, until one of my counselors at the Stephen Ministry at my church told me not to stir the pot for God. It was hard not to take matters into my hand and do it my way instead of waiting for God to do it His way at his own timing.

3. When Caleb realized that He had a renewed love in his wife because he had experienced God's love and forgiveness and only through learning God's love was Caleb able to love his wife again and accepting that no one is the perfect partner. I had the same experience and without finding out how much God loved me, I couldn't have possibly loved John again.

4. The last one that truly broke me down was when he had turned his life around to the Lord and asked his wife for forgiveness and she just told him that she wasn't in love with him anymore. This was hard for me because the same thing happened to us.

So, overall, this is a great movie to watch with your spouse. Only through God can marriages be fireproof without Him they will fail no matter how perfect you think your marriage is or how many books you have about marriage is through a god centered marriage, hard daily work from both parnters and unselfish acts that couples get to have a godly marriage. Volunteering at Retrouvaille and listening to couples who are bitter and hurting can get very depressing and this phone calls do take us back where we once were in our marriage but no one is safe from the enemy but we can fireproof it with God.

May God bless and protect all marriages!


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