Sunday, March 29, 2009

Gady's 5th Birthday Party

Yesterday, we celebrated my niece's 5th birthday. We hadn't seen her for a year and a half, she had gone with her mom to Honduras and we really missed her and to celebrate her homecoming plus birthday we threw her a party at my sister Wendy's house. My house needed a break from parties...
Below is Gadi wearing her Birthday Girl Tiara and of course Sofia displaying her thumb sucking powers and I look like I need some rest. Don't make fun, but it was 50 degrees cold and windy yesterday and I felt cold so, I had to borrow this hat from my mom which later my brothernlaw James declared it look like a toilet seat cover. whatever!

Below, the obligatory pinata group picture.

Sofia to Pinata: You want some of this?!? I told you give me my candy! Or else!

Below, Gady opening her presents.

Alright, my sister Wendy had the kids play musical chairs and because Sofia is too little to play, I joined...but we had to let the b/day girl win.

Then the adults played...I came in third, I couldn't do all my tricks because i'm pregnant so it came to John and my brother Carlos.

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