Sunday, March 15, 2009


They lost to the Lakers today, we are not surprised at all. Actually, we might just skip watching the playoffs this year and not be embarrassed since we are very likely to play them since we are the 8th seed and they sit comfortably in the 1st seed as we speak. Our teams are just no good this year in Big D.
My Mavs Jersey is getting lots of dust this season, I have not wore that thing in about two years. Not gonna either until they prove themselves worthy of me wearing it. Maybe not until they win a championship. The same goes with the Cowboys. I may just buy the FC Dallas Jersey since they don't seem to embarrass us as bad.
I was such a big fan and OH everything came tumbling down when they lost to the Heat and the Warriors...I hold no hope for them this playoff season. May they rest in peace this summer and maybe just maybe bring some excitement defense/offense to their game next season. - Sandra

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