Monday, March 9, 2009


I have been following this story closely but Beckham is not in US soil today to start the new MLS season. He will finish off Series A with AC Milan and return to play with the US Galaxy until June 30th.

His chances are bigger to make his country's (England) soccer squad for next years World Cup in South Africa if he stays with AC Milan than playing with the MLS Galaxy (for goodness sake, he's freaking playing along Ronaldinho, Kaka, Pato, Pirlo.. oh and Maldini!)

Unfortunetly, Soccer (or Futbol) in the United States still doesn't have the same caliber as the rest of the world. I'm a big soccer fan and love watching soccer matches, they are exiciting but watching a US-MLS soccer match doesn't "yet" have the same feeling or adrenaline as watching a European match. I do love it when the US squad plays against Mexico. GO USA! We beat them last month for the 10th consecutive time in US soil! They are sore losers! I love it!

I dare to say that the Women's US Soccer matches are more exciting than the men's US games. OH! yeah! that's because Women's US soccer team has WON World Cups! duh!

At any rate, I don't think Beckham is really helping the MLS (Major League Soccer) hype soccer here in this country. I think MLS, soccer or Futbol is still in its infancy stages. I do hope that Soccer one day becomes a power sport here in the US. Attending the World Cup matches back in 1994 was a dream come true for me and I just hope that it comes again in the near future.


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