Tuesday, March 17, 2009


By the grace of God, I had my first customer pillow custom order two weeks ago and here they are. It was exciting and at the same time the pressure was on to come out with a finish look the customer will be happy with while attending to my family. I showed the pillows to several people and they love it. Of course, what I earn in everything that I sell, I will give the Lord 10% and the rest will go to Sofia's Little Saints school tuition. What do I get? The satisfaction of giving to the Lord and supporting my baby's school.

The letters on the pillows are the initials that the buyer wanted in the pillows for their pespective child. The blue pillow was the hardest due to the different type of stiching that I decided to do for the initials. Soon I will be opening my little shop at Etzy for my other pillows that I am currently making.

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