Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ugly Sweater Game Night

It was a sunny cold day yesterday with high winds and temps in the 40's (yes, is cold for us folks here in the beautiful State of Texas) so, we decided to invite the Cash's over for some hot spicy chilli wear your ugly sweater game night.
We played "Hit the Deck" card game, is like Uno but even better. You get to slap your contender's hand. Not on purpose but to slap on the card before the other person does. The person to hit 100pts loses. So the winner was.....ME!!! (sandra) I beat John and Hollis, dream come true! They are so competitive so it was nice to come out the winner. So, if anyone is interested in some really good spicy hot chilli and some "Hit the Deck" game night we are ready to take on some of you!

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qixxsilver said...

OMG!!! we were rolling about that! That is greatness!! Can't wait until we have the next PARTY!! YOU WILL NOT WIN AGAIN!!! MUHAHAHAHAHA!!!