Thursday, April 30, 2009

Baby Seaman No. 2

I couldn't get the picture straight on my scanner so after the 7th time I gave up. This was taken early last week. There was something going on with our printer/scanner so John finally got to fix it. So, here's the baby, he/she shows so well and was kicking and flapping it's hands the nurse performing this sonogram was amazed the baby was moving so much that she warned me this baby was going to keep me busy. The next sonogram will be with the special Doctor in June. I say special Doctor because he performs special sonograms for women who are 35 years old. Of course, my Doctor was asking me again if I was going to consider doing all those test to see if my baby is with down syndrome or something else, of course I said no. We trust in the Lord.

I remember my sonograms with Sofia, she wouldn't move an inch! The doctor and nurse would move and poke my tummy and nothing! Not this baby! Oh yeah, this baby is a he/she because we are not going to find out the gender until delivery. Of course some say, but you have to get prepared! We did just fine with Sofia and I'm sure we will be fine this second time around.

I spring cleaned Sofia's dresser and closet this week and I'm keeping all the 0-3month clothes that I can find that I did not donate, luckily, they are all white and yellow.

How am I doing? The tea is helping somewhat, actually I am doing a lot better than my first time around. I wake up with my face so oily you can practically fry an egg or two and fried bacon on my nose. I know disgusting. I have also taken out all my maternity clothes, they are not fashionable but darn it they are comfy and that's what matters right now.

People at work are noticing my belly but no one dares to ask whether I'm just getting fat or I'm just pregnant. It is so funny! I love my co-workers, they are cool!

God Bless. - Sandra.

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D.Richmond said...

Isn't it amazing how we are able to get a glimpse of God's creation in process through ultrasounds!