Friday, April 10, 2009

I let Christ passed me by...

This past Wednesday, I was driving back home from work and to my left there was a guy with gray hair, in his mid 50's dressed in black pants, white shirt and a tie with a sign that read, "I need a job please." I would've stopped asked for his resume and help him but I decided it will better to continue on my way home without any interruptions. Now, I regret it. I just heard this priest give his sermon on EWTN talking about our personal cross and how many times we let Christ passed us by. After he said this, Christ took me back to this moment and I felt so guitly. Now I regret it. and I feel so remorseful and ashamed of what I did. I will not do that again.

I had forgotten about it, I felt bad for him. It takes so much guts and humility to stand in a corner of a street begging for work. I pray that someone did help him that was better than me, who recognized Christ in him. I sure didn't and I failed Christ. - sandra

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D.Richmond said...

I had a missed opportunity too this week. After attending Good Friday services, I stopped to pick a few items up from Wal-mart. I determined the check out lady was a single mom of teenagers from what she shared with me after she asked me if I had special plans for Easter. She pretty much indicated to me, without actually coming right out and say it, that she didn't have a faith in God. I should have shared with her how much God loved her despite her unbelief, but I didn't.

I felt horrible right away and then to make matters worse, my 10 year old daughter wanted me to clarify the conversation as we walked to the car. She said to me, "Mom, I thought I mis-understood her because you didn't witness to her. I thought for sure if she said what I thought she said, you would have said something to her". Wow - what conviction!

Lesson number 2 for the day - Children really do pay attention to if you model what you say you believe!