Thursday, April 2, 2009

Raspberry Leaf Tea - The 8th Wonder

I was skeptical at first when I was recommend to drink Raspberry Leaf Tea (organic, Caffeine free of course) and I would like to report it is WORKING!!!! OMGOSH! I am a convert of Raspberry Leaf Tea, it is controlling my morning sickness, it is giving me some of my energy back and my mood is changing! PRAISE THE LORD!
So, I had it yesterday around 3pm and felt fine, but at 6pm, that morning sickness feeling in my stomach returned and I was just about to give in when I decided to drink one more tea to see what happened and I didn't puke but found myself hungry for dinner that I actually ate!
But unfortunately, I will not be able to stop or control all morning sickness. The first thing I do every morning is of course insert toothbrush into mouth before I fix myself for work and my morning sickness starts once my toothbrush is in my mouth, but if that's all I have to go through all day, I'm good!
So, I want to give thanks to my Comadre Jo for recommending this awesome tea! I was telling John last night how great I felt and he was like, "you look different and you even look like you are actually awake!" mind you, I have been feeling like i'm dragging myself everywhere. Anyways, John said that he was even willing to try it for the energy and mood revival it gives. My mom wants to try it as well.
Did I mention that it also helps you with your stool? Yes, pregnant ladies have constipation problems and this tea helps you with it! Oh, I would also like to mention that I've been burping alot and breaking wind but who cares when I am able to eat, right!? At any rate, I'm in heaven and for the first time in a month, I enjoyed my breakfast this morning!
God Bless you Jo! -sandra

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