Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tea Update

Well, not the 8th wonder solution I thought it was...I would say it works to retain my breakfast but that's about it. The afternoon puking is as strong as my baby crying for her nap.

When I take the tea for my morning sickness, I still feel the strong urge to puke, but the tea doesn't allow me which leaves me to feel miserable. Therefore, the question remains to puke or not to puke!? I say puke! I feel better afterwards and not miserable all afternoon.

I so HATE morning sickness, I SO HATE to eat and feel miserable afterwards only to feel relieve once I puke, I HATE not being able to eat everything I want. I HATE feeling tired. etc, etc, etc. I miss sushi...I miss my advil aspirin for my headaches...I miss having a margarita with my enchiladas once in a while...I miss running...Why can't I just be one of those pregnant ladies that just glows and feels awesome!?

why me? -sandra.

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