Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tony Romo Staying Busy

Tony Romo is not like you and me.
Not just is he the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback and dating Jessica Simpson, but he is also a very good golfer.
So good, he's won two tournaments in the past few days.
It's how he spent his birthday, Tuesday (as you can see in this video).
But it's also part of the reason he gets so much criticism.
Romo spends a lot of time working on football, too.
If he were at home playing his X-Box and dating some woman we've never heard of, what he does when he's not playing football wouldn't matter so much.
However, Romo had the fortune or misfortune of also being a very good golfer, maybe good enough to make PGA tournaments. And he has the fortune or misfortune of dating starlets.
It's a rough life and he just turned 29.

hmmm...really! is he that good at golf!! If he was as good as playing football as he is playing golf perhaps we could have already won a SUPERBOWL!! but no. After 3 years as our COWBOYS quarterback the only thing he has shown us is that 1. he can fumble the ball 2. throw receptions left and right 3. date hollywood girls 4. go out to Mexico a week before the playoffs.
I am a big COWBOYS FAN but Romo is not the answer. Hopefully, one of these days he will wake up and decide to be a golfer and quit football for good so that we can find our quarterback superstar...I miss Aikman! -sandra.

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