Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Part Three of Three - Memorial Day Weekend Wrap up!

Sunday, it was family gathering time. Every holiday, we just need to get together somehow, somewhere and this time it was at Yesenia's house. Her community has a pool, and it so happened that Monday was hot!
Here's John with Sofia. Sofia didn't like the cold water so we placed her in the very very shallow part of the pool where she was happy and content.

Here she is at the shallow part of the pool where she's waving her hands like she just don't care.
Here she is displaying her beautiful swimsuit that her Auntie Yesenia bought for her and John approved.
After we all had our filled with the pool we went back to Yesenia's place and ate John's famous grilled burgers and some. Here's Sofia eating watermelon. She was crying because she wanted to hold on to this piece of watermelon. In fact, she was just sleepy and tired and fuzzy.
At the end, we all sang Happy Birthday to our mom.

THE END. Or until the next Birthday, graduation and/or holiday or just because party.

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