Sunday, July 12, 2009

7/11 - John's BIRTHDAY!

My baby John celebrated his 36th birthday yesterday, July 11th. And even though, I used to go all out and surprise him with big presents and/or vacations, but now since our situation has changed he's just happy to be with us.

So, I have this co-worker who's also Hawaiian who told me about this Hawaiian restaurant that extended out to the Mainland (USA) called L&L Driveway. I was like, "yeah, I remember John taking me there when we were in Oahu." And my co-worker told me this place was as good as the one in Oahu.

Therefore, I told John about it and he couldn't wait to go and try it and see if it was as good as his hometown. Well, John gave it a 10 out of 10 and was extremely pleased with the taste. I had my favorite Soy Chicken. I don't venture out much when it comes to food.

Here's Sofia trying the Haupia while wearing a Lei in honor of her daddy's b/day.
Below is Sofia's reaction to the Haupia, I think she gave it a so, so review. John said, that he'll be bringing her out more to L&L so she can get used to Hawaiian food.

After L&L, we went out shopping for John. He bought shoes and clothes. I helped picked both. He's gotten so used to me purchasing his clothes, he rather leave the choosing up to me. I have no problems shopping, in fact, I took Sofia around the men's clothes to teach her a couple of shopping lessons. I told her first, go to the back and look for the sales rack.

Here is Sofia with daddy. She was, at first, somewhat confused, she was thinking we were heading to the girls shoe department.

Here she is looking lost and not very happy with the selection. She knew there was something wrong. She was right, we were at the wrong department.
So, after shopping at the mall, we stopped at John's favorite store, Sports Academy. Every time, I go with him, and I try not to go with him because it is not MY favorite store, he tells me "I love this store" more than twice.
This is John's Happy Birthday Sofia Dance. She seemed to pick up a little bit of dancing right at
the end.

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