Monday, July 20, 2009

All You Need to Know About a Dog's Butt!

Our Chihuahua Dog Billy was not acting himself the last two days and I sensed something was up. I noticed his tail was curl down like he was scared or something so, I didn't think nothing of it. Saturday around 3am, I heard him scratch on our door which is very unusual unless is thundering pretty bad outside.
So, Sunday, I noticed he had trouble walking fast and he wasn't playing with me or our other dog Lenny. I told John that Billy was acting weird and that we better check what was wrong with him. So, John checks on him and declares him ill. He declares it as the "Anal Sac Disease."
I'm like, wait, he's had this before! So, on a Sunday there are very few veterinarian clinics open, but we found one, taking him to the pet hospital would have been too costly.
So, here's the rundown on dog's sac gland:

"Your dog has a set of anal glands placed on either side of their anus. In the wild these glands secrete scent which your dog uses to mark its territory when it has a bowel movement.For many reasons, sometimes these tear-shaped glands get blocked. This means that while more and more liquid is produced, none is being expressed into your dog's stools. Signs of blocked anal glands include bum scooting, bloody stools, strong odour or a swollen anus.Expressing your dog's anal glands is relatively easy. Use one hand to hold up the dog’s tail and pull it gently toward the head."
John tried to squeezed the glands but couldn't because it was too disgusting and Billy was already in pain. So $100 +plus bucks later the Vet did his job and put Billy on medication for pain and antibiotics so it won't get infected.
I hate seeing dogs in pain. Everyone knows that Billy is my favorite, Lenny is cool, but Billy is fierce like mommy. So, there's a lesson for you on a dog's bootie. -Sandra.

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