Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Independence Day and more

Tomato fest happenings at the Seaman's house. every three or 4 days, John was coming in with tons of them. My Auntie counted them and we got about 40 tomatoes. They are huge and delicious!

Here's my Auntie holding the tomatoes John had gather in two days time. She's a gardener herself so she was delighted with this crop. We got tons of beets as well.

Here's Sofia displaying one of her summer hats. This one is one of my favorites because is a reversible hat. Too cute!

Here's Jasper MacIvor. We babysat him for the July 4th weekend. Such an adorable and lovable dog. I wish I could keep him but his owners actually do love him. darn it.

And here we are at a 4th of July festival. It was HOT! We stayed for about a couple of hours and we left. I love this jogging stroller. Now I have to buy me another one; they are worth it.

And why go to a 4th of July fireworks event, fight traffic, fight for a parking space, walk where everyone gathers to watch the fireworks, walk back to the car, fight traffic again when all we have to do is get two chairs outside of our front yard and watch fireworks! Now, how good is that. This is one of the things, I will miss when we decide to sell our house. The fireworks in this video look small, but in actuality they are seen pretty big from our house. Besides, this is about the only time all our neighbors come out and greet each other.

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