Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Seaman Photography

In order to pay for college, I decided to start my own photography business about 5 years ago. I did pretty good and paid my tuition and books without getting a school loan. Below is a job that I got recently to take a portrait for a Quinceanera, or a "fifteenth birthday girl." They throw a party just like a wedding and of course there is no groom. Parents can spend as much as weddings. And of course, what teenager doesn't want to look like a princess.

I took the Quinceanera to the Dallas Arboretum. We went early in the morning to beat the heat, even though it was already hot, I wanted to beat the heat before it reached 100 degrees. I took 36 different poses and it took about an hour and a half to shoot. I told John that I am going to start this business again next year (God willing) to help pay off a couple of our bills. Photography is one of my strongest hobbies; Black and White photography my favorite among all. I love developing B&W and only wish that some day I have my own developing room. But right now, I want a medium-format camera, the best of the best!

The picture below is the picture the Quinceanera picked for her 16x20 portrait. One of my favorites.

This was the second best.

This was the third best. There were others but unfortunately, this Quinceanera didn't smile much....I noticed she had some teeth issues so, I reckoned that was the reason she didn't fully smile in any of her pictures.

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