Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Glucose Test

So, I went for my check up today and this time I had to take that nasty orange sugary liquid thing call Glucose test to see if I have or coming down with gestational diabetes, they took out blood and sent me out on my way. I tested negative last time around so, God willing, this will be negative as well. Oh, and they also weighted me. yuck. I freaking hate it. I have gained 21 lbs!!!! yikes! HOWEVER!!!! I'm still beating my first pregnancy weight by 20 lbs!!!! yep, I gained serious weight my first time around. This time, I owe it to Sofia for keeping me on my feet and off the couch.

I will have to cut off ice cream. There is no reason why I should be eating ice cream so much. I just don't feel guilty when I eat something that is so bad and deliciously good for you, because once I deliver it will be all business for me again. Once I commit to losing weight, there is no going back and I guess now, I have the freedom to enjoy myself on whatever bad is out there. I still can't get into junk food at all. I don't get it and it doesn't make sense to me.

So, while my Doc was checking the baby out, I asked him about this nationalized health care the Democrats are pushing and he said that he's not for it. He agrees that some problems need to be fixed but the crap they are trying to push just will not work. So, it is nice to see that at least my Doc has a good head on his shoulders. Next appointment will be in two weeks. This time, I hope not to have gained 7 lbs like this time. -Sandra

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