Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby Seaman Numero 2 - Update

Currently at 34 weeks and gained only 3 pounds and that puts me at 32 pounds gained! I thought I was going to gained about seven after I had eaten two banana splits last week. Baby, looks good. Dr. Kaye "tried" to push me into scheduling my delivery for October 28th and I said, no. I told him, I am going to wait until my baby is ready to come out. Dr. pushed again. I said no. You can' make me. I told him it was my body and my baby. Since in this country, women have the right to have an abortion (everyone knows how I feel about this subject), I told him I also have the right to birth my baby however I chose to and that was pretty much the end of the conversation.

However, he's giving me until November 3rd. I feel my baby is coming before then. But it will be God's will not on my OBGYN's calendar.

In other odd news, my belly button has completely come out. I'm still not wobbling but I'm sure it will happen soon. -Sandra.

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