Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cowboys take a W this week

Cowboys defense showed up last night against the Panthers; they practically won the game for us. So during the game, John and I were dismantling Romo left and right. Thankfully, last night he didn't throw any interceptions, although a couple of throws came very close. I have to say, I'm not very enthusiastic about Romo being our quarterback, he doesn't show confidence that a quarterback should have. So, while watching the post game interviews, Romo says, "today I showed up with a purpose." WHAT! John and I laughed and started tearing him up in pieces. DUDE! so, last week you didn't play with purpose? You are supposed to show up in every game with a purpose that starts with the letter W! This is his third year, shows us something!!

While watching Dale Hansen's sports show early last week, Romo said that, "quarterbacks don't have to work hard every weekend." WHAT!!!!! so, Romo, I guess, I don't have to work hard at my day job every week! Romo is insanely an airhead in my book.

After the game last night, they were interviewing one of our guys and he was asked how Romo is doing in regards to leading the team. Our guy said that he's pretty good, but that everyone looks to Witten for leadership. Ouch! -Sandra

Next: Broncos (3-0), Broncos 3 W's having been against not so good teams. If Broncos take this game, well, they would have played 4 straight games against not so good teams. We'll just have to wait and see.

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