Monday, September 14, 2009

NFL: Go Cowboys!

So, the new NFL season has begun and so has the pizza eating every Sunday...minus the beer this time around. At any rate, John and I just love to watch sports and it usually begins every September to June of every year.

So, the Cowboys played Tampa Bay yesterday and even though the first half wasn't much to be proud of on the Cowboys defensive line, we still won. I'm still not crazy about our much talked about Quarterback Romo. I don't think he will "ever" take us to the Superbowl and if he does, darn it, I'll buy me one of his jersey's even though I really really want one from Witten.

Anyways, so, I dressed up Sofia in this onesie Lisa gave me awhile back and it still a little big but that's ok because from now on every Sunday our TV will be on just football games, Sofia will wear this onesie until she can't fit it anymore. Besides, she's almost doing the touchdown sign all I have to do is get her to do it when the Cowboys do a touchdown.
I'm hoping they'll play better than they did Tampa Bay, because after watching the Steelers vs. Titans last week, I don't think we have a chance for a long run this season. Just saying. NEXT: Giants. - Sandra.

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