Friday, September 11, 2009

Sofia's School

Sofia's first week of school was interesting. I didn't cry anymore. Looking at her so excited when she enters her classroom puts me at ease. However, this past Tuesday she was crying not because I was leaving her but because I wasn't letting her go in her room. Her classroom door opens until 9:30am, we got there 15 minutes early and that was just too much time to wait for her. Once we entered, she was so thrilled that I had to chase her to give her my goodbye kiss and hug.

What's up with that!? I have noticed about three kids having a lot of detachment issues. Poor kids. The moms are like, "I hope this gets better." I guess, I'm glad Sofia likes her classroom or else I'll be devastated right now but at the same time, I wish she would at least miss me just a little tad. But John and I are happy that she's gotten very comfortable with the school surroundings. In fact, she loves it.

When I picked her up on Tuesday, her first full day at school, her teacher told me she was the only kid that did not cry during nap time. I thought, how could she! She was busy sucking on her thumb! Yesterday, at pick up time, I noticed half of the kids were crying at the door trying to get to their moms, where was Sofia? Still napping! She was the only one! I asked Mrs. Carol, "where's Sofia?" she pointed out to the back of the room and with a laugh she said, still sleeping! Mrs. Carol, stated Sofia has no problems sleeping along crying kids around her and she's about the only one who still has not cried and actually sleeps!

Mrs. Carol had to go and get her up. I noticed Sofia was upset about been woken up. But after her first full week at school my feeling about her attending Little Saints is happy.

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