Monday, September 21, 2009

Tony Romo has done it again!

Where can I start after watching last nights game against the Giants. Alright, let me state the obvious. Eli Manning connects the ball with his teammates. Eli Manning has pretty good accuracy when connecting the ball. Eli Manning shows up under pressure. Eli Manning is a STAR quarterback, not a CELEBRITY quarterback.
So, last night at the post game press conference Romo often near tears accepts blame for loss (what a shock!) He states that he personally let teammates down in his "worst" performance since taking over as the teams starting quarterback. I got news for Romo, this isn't his worst. He's let us down before. He says, "The team played some really good football and obviously my mistakes put us in a hole." NO! Like we were fools enough not to noticed his three stupid interceptions. And then he has the nerve to say, "I'll improve...I'll fix this and I'll be better and we'll move forward. I'll look at myself and I'll figure out why, and I won't make those mistakes again." LOL! We have heard this before from him. "I'll improve" foot!
I can't stand Romo and his excuses. I can't stand his stupid interceptions. This guy just can't throw or much less connect! When he's under pressure he just fizzles out. On a good note: Our brand new spanking Stadium ROCKS! -Sandra.
Next: MNF - Panthers (0-2) We "should" get a W for this one.

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