Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Visit to Little Saints School

So, today was Sofia's day to visit her school for an entire hour and get to know her room and classmates. I dressed her up pretty cute. This dress was from Judy! Thanks Judy! Everyone loved the dress.

Valentina is one of Sofia's classmates and they clicked pretty fast. As you see here, Sofia is extending a friendly hand with a toy as a sign of friendship. Or so I think.

Valentina and Sofia played together pretty well. Valentina is trilingual, in Italian, Spanish and English. Sofia is Bilingual in Spanish and English. They are about two weeks apart, they were both born in February of '08.

As the hour progressed, both girls enjoyed playing with each other. But as the hour progressed my anxiety came back and I was not sure anymore about leaving her on Thursday for half a day. All the kids were very well behaved but one. He threw tantrums when a kid took away a toy he was playing with and when the mom had enough, she said "I just don't know what to do about his tantrums." Why are some parents afraid of discipline?

But anyways, Thursday will be a tough day. More on this later.

Here's a video of Sofia on the phone. Yes, she found a toy phone and that was pretty much the end of her visit, she was hooked!

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