Thursday, October 15, 2009

Baby Seaman Numero 2 - Update

I'm tired. 37 weeks and full term. I have gained one pound and that puts me up to 36lbs gained. I can hardly walk. I can't go out shopping or to the store anymore because I feel tired. Even my baby belt is not helping much anymore. Maybe just a little but not much like before. I'm sleepy and tired and I just want to pop this baby out so I can be free and feel a different type of tiredness afterwards. Like no sleep. I will not breastfeed my baby. There is an issue and I will not go into details because that will be too much info, it hurts not to but I feel is the best thing to do.

The only good thing happening right now is that I will be working from home starting tomorrow until the baby arrives. I feel so blessed to have this job and to have an understanding boss who is human enough to care.

Last night, I had Taco Bell's Taco Shell. Gosh! that was amazing! I haven't had that for such a long long time, I'm talking years! I couldn't get it out of my head and John just went out and got it for me. God bless him. He's been helping me so much around the house. I'm still bathing Sofia, but he's taking care of everything else. God bless my mom as well. Without their help right now, I'll be a complete mess! - Sandra.

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