Sunday, December 13, 2009


One word: Cowboys suck! and only Cowboys fan are ALLOWED to say it. Anyone else saying that about our team is not permitted! First thing first, we will be praying for Demarcus Ware for a speedy recovery. They announced he has a sprained neck.

Please someone fire Jason Garrett! Why does he call the same play four times in a row? Something tells me he's trying to jeopardize Coach Phillips job...well, he needs to be fire too for being too soft, oh! since we are talking about firing, please fire Folk as well!! How dare you miss a 32 field goal!!!??? Last week he complained that it was the ball holder who screw him up, so this week they decided to give Romo his old job back and wallah! Folk fails again!

Last, Cowboys look good on paper but not when it comes to show it! They bummed me out today.

Philly and Giants are playing right now. If Giants win they will, apparently, win the tie breaker, if Philly wins, well, they win it. I guess, I prefer Giants to win it then stupid Philly.

Oh, yes, I forgot, our freaking curse continues! May I remind everyone that we have not a winning record in December/January since '96!!! Yep! I'm feeling jolly already!

Next: Stinky Saints (13-0) This coming Saturday night. I don't care if we don't make it to the playoffs but my only wish for this Christmas is for one darn win this month, please let us beat the STINKY SAINTS!! I would like to rub it on my relatives down there!!! PLEASE!!!! -Sandra.

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