Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weight Countdown

I went to the gym and I stepped on the scale and it told me that in the last 30 days I have lost 6 pounds! So, as we speak, I got 20 pounds to loose! My goal is to reach 130 lbs, I'm at 15o, however, my ideal goal weight is 125 lbs. So, right now, I'll just settle with getting to 130lbs and worry about the extra 5 lbs when I have lost the 20 lbs.

I have only recently started to walk. I will start running in two more weeks that's when Raquel turns 8 weeks. I will start doing abs at 12 weeks as well as doing Yoga and Pilates.

I will only weight myself once every month. Weighing myself every day or every other day will drive me crazy. As of right now, nothing fits and I'm still wearing my maternity pants and they are slipping but I still can't fit into my jeans or slacks so it is an odd time right now.

In speaking of Maternity clothes, I have donated all of my maternity clothes to the Catholic Women's Pregnancy Shelter here in Dallas. This pretty much seals the door of me not having any more children and instead help those who don't have the means. I will also be donating baby clothes once Raquel grows out of them. To me, it gives me great satisfaction to give to those who are in need. -Sandra.

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