Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 and Beyond

As John and I sat and watch the ball drop from New York on our TV set while holding each other's hands and toasting with champagne, I had not realized that we just ended a decade and a new one started. So much happens in 10 years! John and I were engaged in 2000, bought a house in 2003, got two dogs, almost lost each other in 2006, had two babies back to back and most importantly got closer to God than ever before.

The excitement of a new year the first couple of days or weeks is filled with resolutions and a new view in life but as those feelings and views start to fade, one needs to refocus and realize that our resolutions need to have a solid foundation based in God so that they may have a real chance of achievement if those involve God in every way, shape and form.

The smell of a new year is always refreshing and we all look forward to the excitement, challenges, wins and looses that it brings upon us. May God bless each and everyone this coming year and beyond. -Sandra.

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