Wednesday, January 27, 2010

2.3 Million

2.3 Million vehicles are being recalled INCLUDING MINE! by Toyota this week.

This past November, John and I made a parenting decision that our AWESOME Accord Honda was no longer capable of sustaining our growing family. We felt like packed sardines with our two daughters car seats in the back and we realized that in the very near future, like this summer, we needed extra space to load up two running strollers and in the not so distant future load up 4 bikes! So, we decided to trade our car for an SUV.

I wasn't thrilled at all; I'm not a fan of the mid size or any size of SUV's. The first negative was that none of the SUV's come in standard, in other words, stick shift. So, there goes my 15 years of driving a stick has come to an end.

Second, I don't' want to drive a big a%% car! We test drove, Honda's, Nissan's and finally Toyota.

I fell in love with the Pathfinder, but unfortunately my 6 foot plus husband wasn't feeling very comfortable while riding it. So, after everything was set and done, we bought the Highlander which now is on the recall list.

FANTASTIC! I call the dealership who tells me Mr. Toyota will be sending us letters on what steps to take next which means that John or I will be spending quality time at the dealership waiting for our car to be fixed. I knew we had better buy that Pathfinder...or that Honda Pilot...but the Pilot felt big for me...At any rate, this just sucks! -Sandra.

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